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    Review your car seat usage to make sure you are using the correct seat for your child and car.

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  • carseatpile4


    Recycle your car seat when damaged, expired or unsuitable for donation. Give it a new life!

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    Reuse your undamaged, unexpired car seat by donating it.

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Car Seats in the News

  • TargetTakeBack Target and Terracycle Pilot Car Seat Recycling

    Between September 1-11, 2016, residents of Texas and Minnesota can bring their expired or damaged car seats to select Target store for recycling, and receive a 20% off coupon for a new seat. More info available here.

  • www.thecarseatlady.com Move Your Baby to a Convertible Car Seat

    After examining the results of crash testing, U.S. Consumer Reports has issued new recommendations as to which type of seats keep babies the safest. Many parents leave their babies in the infant carrier style seats until they reach the weight limit for the seat. However, crash testing has demonstrated that the height guidelines may be […]

  • Art by Nancy Bingham Recycling Now Available on Lopez Island

    Thanks to a partnership between one concerned mom and her local solid waste district, car seat recycling is now available on Lopez Island! Lopez Island resident and car seat safety advocate Becca Peter noticed that expired car seats were being brought into the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District (LSWDD)’s Take It or Leave It shop. Families […]