boy_carseat_webMost children will use at least 3 car seats before they “graduate” to a standard seat belt. That’s a lot of car seats! Is your child in the right seat? Take a minute to review safety guidelines as they change with your child’s age, height and weight.

If you have a seat that your child has outgrown, don’t leave it to mold in the garage! If you aren’t planning to have another baby, pass your cat seat along to a friend or donate it to a family in need. You’ll save money, resources, and reduce waste.The same goes if you purchase a used seat for your child or borrow one from a friend.

But not every car seat can be safely reused. Please don’t pass a used car seat onto another child unless you can answer “yes” to all three conditions listed below.


this seat has not been in an accident, is not visibly damaged and has not been recalled.


this seat has not expired. Expiration dates are located on the bottom of most seats and are typically 6 years after manufacture date. Expiration dates are real! Please read this if you have questions.


this seat’s straps haven’t been cleaned with harsh chemicals. Bleach and other chemicals can cause the straps to lose strength so that they will not properly restrain a child in an accident.


Never accept a used car seat without knowing its history and making sure you can answer YES to all 3 conditions. If your seat doesn’t meet the three conditions, please recycle it!


If you want to borrow or buy a used seat, or if you have a car seat that you want to share with a family in need, sell, or give to a friend, considering using this form, developed by SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.

Many thrift stores and secondhand stores are not able to accept car seats. If you would like your seat to reach a family in need, please look for an organization providing family services, such as women’s shelters, clothing banks and other resource centers. Please also wash your car seat’s cover first if possible. Clean car seats are greatly appreciated by the recipient organizations!

King County, Washington, residents can donate to Westside Baby, Eastside Baby, Mary’s Place, FamilyWorks and Northshore Baby Corner, among other organizations that serve low-income families. Please call first to verify that these organizations are currently accepting car seats.

Santa Cruz, California residents can donate to Hope’s Closet.