Cool Mom

CoolMom_logo-orglessCoolMom empowers families to respond to the climate crisis in practical and creative ways, and to influence their communities through their personal actions. CoolMoms and Dads reduce fossil fuel use, grow and eat climate-friendly diets, reduce consumption, and teach children to take action on behalf of the planet. CoolParents can be found at homes, schools, places of worship, workplaces and governments sharing knowledge and ideas, teaching others how to implement changes, and advocating solutions that will safeguard the future. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Zero Waste Washington

zero-waste-washington_logo_webZero Waste Washington is championing a responsible and comprehensive approach to the “stuff” we all use. We have been the catalyst for breakthrough recycling programs and policies in Washington for over 30 years. Our strategy of working both at the big-picture and community levels means a healthier, safer Washington and more equitable access to sound, responsible recycling for all its residents. We are the public’s voice for zero waste. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


About the Old Car Seat, New Life Project

Zero Waste Washington and CoolMom share the goals of reducing waste, reusing materials, and encouraging sustainable product design. Easy-to-access reuse and recycling programs help prevent ecologically harmful extraction and reduce greenhouse gas generation.

As every parent knows, children’s products are in great need of rethinking – most aren’t produced in an environmentally-friendly manner nor can they be easily recycled when their useful life has finished.

Old Car Seat, New Life arises from our joint desire to tackle the problem of children’s products, beginning with children’s car and booster seats. Funded by a Public Participation Grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology, CoolMom and Zero Waste Washington are working together to expand car seat reuse and recycling options for families in King County, Washington.

Our goal is to create a more convenient and sustainable system for recycling children’s car seats while supporting safe car seat reuse.  To launch our program, our aim is to collect 1000 car seats for recycling or reuse by June, 2015. We will also provide families with the information that they need in order to safely use, reuse and recycle their car seats. We hope that our project will ultimately lead to design changes that will make car seats safer to use for longer periods of time and easier to recycle when their useful life is complete.