When your car seat has expired, been in an accident, or been recalled without an option to repair, it should no longer be used. But don’t put it in the trash! There is still some life in that seat—recycle it! The materials can be reclaimed and made into something new. Less goes into the landfill and you’re helping reduce greenhouse gases.

kidseat-recyclers-plastics-recycler copyCurbside recycling programs do not typically accept children’s car seats – even if you take them apart first.  Unless you live in the City of Los Angeles or Howard County, Maryland (the only curbside collection programs we know about that currently accept car seats), you cannot recycle your car seat at the curb.

Luckily, more and more programs are starting to offer options for difficult-to-recycle items. Please visit our “Where Do I Recycle My Seat” page to see if a program is available near you. And if you don’t find one, contact your car seat manufacturer and your local recycler to ask why not! Let them know that consumers want a choice!