Seattle Area Programs Discontinued

We are sorry to announce that the Seattle area car seat recycling programs that were operated by Recology, Republic, and Total Reclaim have been suspended.

In July China announced (via a memo to the WTO) that it will ban the import of many types of plastics and other recyclables by December 2017.  This ban is causing a great deal of turmoil and uncertainty in the recycling arena.  Child car seats are a particularly challenging item because of their mixed materials and bulkiness.  They required special handling for recycling and with the new ban, there are few potential markets for the plastic.  Locally, our recyclers are now telling us that they can no longer viably process them.

We hope that as markets shift, our recyclers will once again be able to accept car seats. Thank you to Total Reclaim, Republic, and Recology for their work on this issue, and for keeping so many items out of the landfill!